KLMAX is an exciting contemporary brand which focuses on good-quality products that fuse vintage Americana and Malaysian-inspired graphics with a street fashion style. They are characterised by quality fabrics, unique detailing, fun graphics and tailored fits with diverse styling.


Available at The JAZALO Shoppe, C-3-15 Centrio Pantai Hillpark, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WhatsApp: 006-0112-9191-525

E-mail: mail@KLMAX.com

Website: www.KLMAX.com







who trusts in himself; more than others do. @KLMAX_APPAREL was founded in 2013; KLMAX is an exciting contemporary brand which features Malaysian-inspired element graphics with a street fashion style. www.KLMAX.com KLMAX has a personal journey experience for himself. The brand was started with a vision that was initially created by a former founder; to be one of the local brands that provides good-quality products in Malaysia, made by Malaysian. The idea was supported by himself to invest in terms of capital and knowledge; KLMAX was born with its own production house and office based in KL. After few months, before this guy could even see the future potential of the business, he has decided to quit. "When a man has no reason to trust himself, he trusts in luck." – E. W. Howe quotes. And may luck be with him. Not giving up as his mantra, he carries on the brand by his own; supported by very small circle of friends at the beginning. Till today, KLMAX has some great collections to be proud of. #KLMAXBORN collection was a hit last year and still being its best-selling piece. Do trust in your own heart. Beside you, no one will ever believe in what you're doing or fighting even you have shown your best work to the world. No one sees the new improved you; as the old you might be their own shadow. #BajuLogo #JOMIKLAN #KLMAX T-shirt by @TerimaKasihdot and @JAZALOPrint. Win the same Logo T-shirt at @JOMIKLAN! www.jomiklan.biz/nes/klmax

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