Our Packages


We accept Cash, Cheque and Local Bank Transfer. A non-refundable 50% deposit (plus cost of materials, if applicable) is required to start. The remaining balance is due upon delivery/pick-up. All gowns/dresses and other items are all made to order.

Production Time

White Label Gowns/Dresses generally take up to 14 weeks to be made, however please note that this is just a guide, we cannot guarantee a delivery date due to conditions out of control such as manufacturing delays, etc.

Bridesmaids and some Evening Dresses are usually quicker than this which is generally 8 weeks. However please note that this is to be used as a guide only.

Most of our customers order their wedding gown 4-6 months in advance. Sometimes delays may occur due to conditions out of our control such as manufacturing delays, shipping company turn around times etc. We highly recommend that you allow ample time before your special occassion. We can never guarantee a delivery time.

Contacting Customers during Production

Due to the large volume of customers and dresses we are unable to contact every customer during the production of their dress, however you are more than welcome to contact us at any time to ask how your dress is progressing, simply send us an email or call us during business hours. We will however let you know when your dress is finished.

Gown Embellishments

From time to time you may receive a dress that has an embellishment such as a brooch/beading pattern or lace that is different to what is sketched by our Designer, this is due to the supplies that our manufacturer may have at the time of your gown production. All dresses are custom made to order they are not mass produced.

All Dresses are Custom Made to Order

All of our gowns are custom made to order. This means that they are not mass produced and each gown is unique. Although our manufacturer uses the same pattern for each gown there may be slight variations from gown to gown such as beadwork, embellishments, lace patterns etc, this is due to the manufacturers supplies at the time, slight variations do not warrant a return or refund.

Fabric Colour

The colour samples are to be used as a guide only. Each fabric roll may be slightly different as each dye batch roll can change. If you are ordering bridesmaids dresses we highly recommend that you order them at the same time to avoid a difference in colour. If you order one dress and then the rest at a later date we cannot guarantee the colour. Please note that if you an unsure about colour we highly recommend that you request a colour sample before ordering. Samples are not shown unless requested by the customer. Please also note that different fabrics will have different shades of colour, for example the light champagne satin will be different to light champagne taffeta, it is very important that when you order samples that you let us know what dress you are looking at, we cannot be responsible if you have the incorrect fabric for your dress and assume that it will be made in this colour.

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